The Climbers

We have two climbers for our 2011 climbing trip to the Alps in Europe,  Brad Weimert and Carl Drew.  Brad and Carl met while working for the same company shortly after they graduated college.  Their early years were filled with friendly competitions to see whom could beat whom in peddling high end kitchen cutlery.  Over the years, they found they had a common interest in adventures, and they began to seek out more and more difficult challenges.  Some of the adventures they have done together include, whitewater rafting and climbing trips to West Virginia, 4×4 adventures in Aruba, and bicycling 3500 miles across the USA to speak to the youth of America.

Brad Weimert

Brad Weimert The Pilot

Big Bad Brad -

Brad is and entrepreneur and an adventurer at heart.
His entrepreneurial spirit is founded in the belief that anything is possible and it’s up to us to create a life that allows us to live the way we want to. Success in one area of life does not need to take away from success in another. The great success of one of Brad’s companies ( has allowed the freedom and flexibility necessary to be able to dedicate time towards creating awareness and fundraising for those in need and also creating an exciting adventure at the same time.

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Brad currently resides where business and adventure takes him. The next adventure, cause or business will tell the rest of the tale.

Carl Drew

Carl Drew on K2

Crazy Carl -

Carl Drew is an international adventurer and keynote speaker.  For almost two decades, Carl has been pursing his wildest adventure dreams.  With luck, fait and God’s intervention on his side, he has not only been able to live out some of these dreams, but he has lived to tell about them.  A few of these adventures include:  a 21 day solo-kayaking trip through the Florida Everglades, running to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out in a single day, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, summiting over 50 mountains, climbing Mount McKinley in Alaska, climbing on Broad Peak and K2 in Pakistan, biking 3500 miles across the USA, and competing in 1/2 and full ironman distance races.

Carl’s business experiences run the gamut from performing as a top representative for an international sales company for over a decade, owning and operating a small cafe and taxi company in Alaska, and directing the development of several non-for-profit and charitable organizations.  He has been inducted in the business Hall of Fame for Vector Marketing, recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International and is an Eagle Scout.

A native of Indiana, Carl currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his supportive wife, Heather, where they both volunteer their time assisting Angel Wings International in the development of their Jacmel, Haiti medical clinic.